sabato 17 ottobre 2009


Mozambique,closed nomination for presidential candidates in July. Three candidates from a total of nine successfully applied to vie for the presidency.
President Armando Guebuza who has been in power since 2004 will represent the ruling Frelimo party
while the main opposition Renamo and the newly established Mozambique Democratic Movement will be represented by Afonso Dhlakama and Daviz Simango respectively.


The elections will be Mozambique's fourth since the end of a civil war in 1994 and will coincide with the country's first provincial assembly polls. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) is expected to deploy election observers in the three countries as part of its exercise to ensure that the polls are conducted in compliance with guidelines adopted by Member States. Other countries expected to go to elections in 2009 are Angola, Mauritius and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their polling dates are yet to be announced. Earlier this year, South Africa and Malawi held elections that were described by SADC and the African Union as being in conformity with regional standards and principles. The African National Congress led by President Jacob Zuma and the Democratic Progressive Party led by President Bingu wa Mutharika won the South African and Malawian polls respectively.


The Mozambican ruling party Frelimo has finalized its electoral manifesto for the forthcoming general elections to be held on 28 Octob.

The 4-day meeting, started on Thursday, is taking place in the town of Matola, capital of the southern province of Maputo. 'The CC discussed the election manifesto. It was a heated debate, which set the final stage of designing the electoral manifesto which started at the grassroots level", he said.

Frelimos's electoral manifesto focus on the consolidation of national unity, peace, democracy, fight against poverty and promotion of the culture of work, good governance, fight against corruption, culture of accountability, strengthening of national sovereignty and international cooperation.

These are the main points that will guide Frelimo's administration over the next five years should its presidential candidate, Armando Guebuza, the incumbent Mozambican president is re-elected.

Frelimo's electoral manifesto for the general election in 2004 focused on the productivity in the rural areas, job promotion, improvement of infrastructures, better education and health care, promoting social inclusion and affirmation of the Mozambican culture. When Guebuza won the last presidential elections, he added during his inauguration speech two key areas, namely the fight against corruption and bureaucracy.

These last two points have become the main issues during his mandate that is just ending.

The current manifesto includes a number of innovations, among which the fight corruption.

The fight against corruption has seen huge progress in Mozambique. Over the last five years, we saw a number of interventions at political level, such as profound political discourse with didactic effect that played a major role in discouraging e corruption and encourage denouncements. We also introduced improvements on legal instruments to prevent and combat this practice, including administrative measures to stop this evil based of the installation of complaint books

The Frelimo has taken concrete measures in the fight against poverty, of which the establishment of the Local Initiative Investment Budget (OIIL), an initiative under which, seven million meticais (about 263,000 US dollars) are transferred annually to each of the 128 districts to fund projects to increase food production. This helped to create 120,000 jobs since the inception of this fund in 2006.

'However, poverty and corruption are yet to eradicate, being the reason we say that the struggle continues. In our manifesto for this year's elections we will prioritize the fight against poverty and corruption among others", he stressed.

Opposition has accused members of the ruling party of intimidation and violence as official campaign kicked off in Mozambique for the general and provincial elections, scheduled for 28 October.


The opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM) in the southern province of Gaza, alleged a group of youths, aallegedly consisting of supporters of the ruling Frelimo Party, attacked and looted its office.
Reports quoted one of the MDM's leaders, Ismael Mussa, saying his party's flag was torn down at the office in Bairro Dois, while a similar group returned later breaking windows in the building and party propaganda material and other items were taken.
Seventeen parties and two coalitions will be contesting for seats in 28 October elections.


Mr Guebuza and his ruling Frelimo party are set to win and continue the ruling party's hold on power since independence from Portugal in 1975.

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